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qbox monitor

Producer Monitor


Web Beef Producer benchmarking and slaughter analysis system.

Producers can review their herd performance using a secure intuitive, easy to use browser based system. Based on SQL server powered database this Active Server Page based system delivers real-time data analysis to the producer with auto generated email notifications.

Processors can review how producers are performing against their peer groups using interactive benchmarking analysis tools


Dairy Health Monitor

Dairy Cull Analysis


Web based dairy health analysis system.

Monitors the cull reports from Dairy producers and producer groups.

Allows the analysis of cull across Health, Performance, Fertility and Management classifications. Producers can monitor their performance against their own peer group or all groups. 


qbox lite

qbox lite


Comprehensive slaughter analysis system for pig producers allowing easy delivery of accurate and timely processor based data to the participating producer using browser based data pages and real-time graphing.


qbox aqm

qbox lite aqm


Based on the successful qbox lite application, one of England’s largest Farmer co-operatives use this web-based system to analyse weekly kills and monitor the impact of carcass faults on performance and producer income. This derivative allows the producer to compare kill output across selected processing plants by producer,unit and slap-mark.


qbox gold

qbox gold


Gold builds on the success of Lite offering comprehensive slaughter analysis system for pig producers and is used throughout the UK by a major animal feed manufacturer to help analyse pig producer’s herd performance. Gold offers additional web based features for meat output analysis and Feed usage analysis.


qbox gold+

Qbox Gold+


Gold+ offers all the features of Gold with the added benefit of what-if-scenario and contract planning analysis. Again, using real-time processor supplied data.


qbox gold+ AutoFOM

Qbox Gold AF


Offers all the features of Gold with the added benefit of what-if-scenario and contract planning analysis. For AutoFOM Processors and producers.


qbox web21



Enterprise management reporting tool.

Allows key performance indicators to be analysed and triggers events based upon user defined decision criteria. Interrogates existing Accounting, ERP, MRP systems using external data plug in modules.

Provides ‘at a glance’ reporting using data and graphical reporting.